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You may wonder: ''Are we just another alternative to Kiwi, Sky scanner or Kayak?'' Our answer is: ''More than that!'' Our combined smart search has all the big guys covered. Our services help thousands of people compare airfares from 728+ airlines and dozens of travel agencies and booking systems.



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We provide the most competitive rates for your wonderful trips.

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Looking for a unique destination? Then maybe a trip to one of the world’s best places could be just right for you.

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Book wonderful trips in a few clicks! We take care of all transportation and accommodations during your journey.

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We do our best for your fantastic experience, taking you to amazing places all around the world that you will never forget!

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Exclusive deals

Plan your travels from exclusive travel websites.

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Compare all the top travel booking websites.

Huge savings

Book travels with no booking fee and hidden costs. is a travel meta search engine site that combines offers from various sources, especially on hotels and flights. We are independent and our services are free for the user, which means that we never add any booking fees and we never use cookies to inflate prices. We have connected with many travel booking companies, so you can search and compare prices to secure the best deal currently available using just this one site. As mentioned, the service is provided for free without extra costs to you, the customer. We are paid commissions on clicks, rather than from actual payments. A fresh and honest approach for our users, we thought. We don’t sell flight tickets, hotel rooms or car hire deals – we simply show you the latest available prices from dozens of sites and let you choose the offer you prefer. We’re passionate about our work and we take great satisfaction in opening the world to our fellow travellers. Simply choose your destination, travel dates, number of passengers and click “Search”.

5 Advantages Of Booking With Anywhere Flights

Anywhere flights


If there is anything better than travel, it is cheap travel or free travel, would you agree? The term “travel hacking” means above all the use of bonus tickets and hotel programs in such a way that you fly and stay at places inexpensively. But it also means finding the right offers at the right time. From London or New York To Hawaii for 100 dollars, to Italy for 50 or to Spain for 70. Possible?

Definitely. This site is all about how to fly, stay and travel on a budget.

“Travelling is a drug to me. I have gradually adapted my personal and professional life and now live a life of a digital nomad. Every year I must visit at least one country I have not yet been to. I spend several months throughout the year travelling at whim.” Is this you? You love meeting new people and experiencing new cultures, or exploring cuisine perhaps, or you are into landscape photography…


There is a general opinion that only a select few IT geeks will ever get hold of cheap tickets. At the same time though, there are more ways to get hold of a cheap ticket, than just one. A trip around the world for 800 dollars for instance? Once you know how to seize the best prices quickly, you can fly behind the scenes.

Most people pay the regular fare and accommodation prices. Then there are a few people who pay a little less, significantly less, or nothing at all. Anywhere Flights will convince you that the price of the ticket is not the main problem of your trip anymore. Check and see for yourself, pay as little as possible and reduce the usually two highest cost items of the whole journey to a minimum: the price for the trip and the cost of accommodation.

Do you still believe that when you are on vacation you just have to spend it? You can also save on vacation. Does that make sense?

We help you to:

  • Find cheap flight tickets effortlessly 
  • Save on paid luggage
  • Secure cheap transportation to your place of residence
  • Take advantage of special offers and save time searching the web
  • Combine flights

We help you avoid:

  • Manual comparison of tens of websites
  • Confusion at your selected destination by securing all your services upfront
  • Indecisiveness about where to fly and when by giving you special offers

Who is Anywhere Flights for then?

For people on business trips, freelancers, and enthusiastic travelers alike. For all who desire a wide range of options and opportunities to experience vacation differently, unconventionally, for all who want to explore and desire to change the way they look for travel deals online. As Google has launched their own flights search engine a while ago now, there is very little room left in the market for traditional search engines. (refer to Google Flights – Wikipedia). 

Have you already travelled around the world, do you know where to look for the best tickets, how to stay the night for free, get accommodation through an auction, how to save extra money when travelling frequently, etc.? Great, you know a lot about travelling and “Travel Hacking”. There is a risk that you will not gain much new insight on our website 🙂 Even so, we encourage you to try our search or take a glance at our hot offers and take the chance and fly cheap to anywhere!

We love travels around the world that are practically free! And we strive to make this possible for everyone, without the usual struggle. Just give Anywhere Flights a try and if you are happy, please help us spread the word by sharing this site with others. That’s all we ask in return. We don’t sell advertising space to orchestrate seamless experience for you – the user. 

Safe travels!